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The Competition:
Bloodfest offers 4 Men’s Divisions, 3 Women’s Divisions, and 3 High School Divisions:

Premier – Men and Women – $1,000 cash prize (each division)*
Open – Men
Social – Men and Women
Super Social – Men and Women
High School Elite – Boys (U18) – $1,000 cash prize*
High School Open – Boys and Girls

Bloodfest is a USA Rugby sanctioned event. Your entire roster must be CIPPed with USA Rugby with a L200 coach or higher or obtain a tour permit if traveling from abroad.

The Discounts:

  • Early bird discounts are available! We are offering 2018 pricing while it’s still 2018. (savings of $50 in all adult brackets, $30 in high school Open brackets). This opportunity ends 1/31/2019.
  • Teams travelling from outside North America will receive $100 off (email for unique discount code before registering).
  • Team that travels the farthest plays for free (refunded after the tournament).
  • In the event that Bloodfest 7s is named a national qualifier for Texas Rugby Union, your Premier team will have the option to receive a refund for the difference of TRU mandated prices and Bloodfest prices and forfeit right to cash prize. This announcement is usually made by TRU around April 2019.

The Refund Policy:

We get it. The posse can be fickle or you may not even know your 7s season schedule yet. Heck, we don’t even know if we’re a national qualifier yet! That’s why we have a generous refund policy and will send you a reminder via email as each refund date approaches.
Prior to May 15th – Full Refund
Between May 15th and June 7th – 50% Refund
After June 7th – No Refund
In 22 years we’ve never been rained out, but we’ve certainly come close. In the event of weather-related tournament cancellation, your team will receive free entry to Bloodfest 2020.
*Tournament prizes are paid first via entry refund, and the balance payable as a donation to the program, not to individual players to avoid potential issues with NCAA amateurism rules.

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